25 NBA Finals Predictions for Cavs vs. Warriors: The Three-quel

The rubber match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors begins Thursday, June 1 at 6 PST on ABC. Here are 25 predictions for what to expect from the Three-Match.

1. Klay will break out and have 2 games hitting at least 7 three’s.

2. LeBron James will, once again, be the overall stats leader for the series (PPG, MPG, RPG, APG, SPG) and average just shy of a triple double, but…

3. Stephen Curry will win Finals MVP.

4. Mike Brown will exercise his LBJ demons and be a factor in the series.

5. LeBron James will upstage Tyronn Lue more than once.

6. Kyrie Irving will hit another game winner.

7. Patrick McCaw will play fourth quarter crunch time minutes in 1 game.

8. Kevin Durant will have the best playoff series of his career.

9. Tristan Thompson will be the major X Factor for the Cavs. His offensive rebounds will win the Cavs a game.

10. A Warriors fan sign will go viral for how corny it is.

11. Lavar Ball will have a knee jerk reaction comment about how one of his sons would be playing better than one of the superstars in the series.

12. J.R. Smith will keep one game close, and ultimately shoot the Cavs out of it.

13. There will be dozens of cutaway/intro shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, even though the Warriors play in neither city the bridge connects.

14. Kyle Korver and Deron Williams will be essentially unplayable.

15. Charles Barkley will feel vindicated/proven correct after the Cavs win one of the first two games in Oakland.

16. The Cavaliers will use more starting lineups than the Warriors will.

17. LeBron James will wear multiple fashionable/ridiculous hats in post game pressers.

18. JaVale McGee will have an NBA Finals moment.

19. Andrew Bogut will tweet something snarky about at least one of his former teams after a blowout.

20. Derrick Williams, Dahntay Jones, and James Jones will all be on the court at the same time in a game. (Epic Finals Garbage Time)

21. David West will have a half where he is on fire, and another where he gets torched by Love/Thompson.

22. Matt Barnes will get in LeBron’s face and try to instigate a fight/technical foul.

23. There will be a buzzer beater.

24. A Cavs fan reaction will go viral.

25. Warriors will win in 5.

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