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Rotten Banana Podcast/You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast Reunion Special!

Logan and Ali were joined by Drew, Gigi, and Cait of ‘You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast’ fame to discuss The Challenge War of the Worlds reunion including how Lolo Jones did as cohost, why the producers were pushing the Cara Maria needle phobia on the audience, how Kam and Da’Vonne squashed the beef in the most mature way, Zach tucking his tail between his legs on every reunion, and Wes no apologizing enough for slandering Da’Vonne on Twitter and make sure you tune into part 2 on the ‘You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast’ feed at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-f-cked-with-the-wrong-podcast/id1451379803

AEW: Double or Nothing PPV Recap w/ Scott Yager

Logan is joined by Scott Yager of ChallengeMania to discuss All Elite Wrestling’s debut show, Double or Nothing. We discuss AEW’s story and how the Double or Nothing show came to be, the evolution of Chris Jericho’s career, before jumping into the DoN card, starting with an extensive breakdown of the Casino Battle Royale and who some of the fresh faces were, the Dusty Rhodes feel of the Royale, Logan’s problems with the lack of storytelling at one off shows, the emotional fulfillment of Cody vs Dustin, why CM Punk allure has worn off (despite being rumored for every major event), what Jon Moxley showing up in AEW means for the show moving forward, and why it was ultimately smart for Omega to put over Jericho.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Don’t F*ck My Dream!

Logan and Ali are back to discuss MTV’s The Challenge, including our relief of being able to discuss the winner of War of the Worlds, before talking about the Challenge season 34 rumored cast, the curious choice to send Hunter into the elimination, how screwed Ninja got despite finishing the hardest final ever, the lameness of the trivia and eating checkpoints, Turbo’s incredible winners edit, Wes playing smarter, not harder, and Theo possibly blowing it in the ninth inning.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Finale pt 1

Logan is joined by the full tribunal of Ali and Maria to discuss the Challenge: War of the Worlds including Ali’s thoughts on Paulie’s exit, Logan goes on a rant about the Survivor finale (& how it relates to The Challenge), Wes admitting to past final failures (Rivals I), Theo dominating the first leg, combining extreme weather with the hardest final ever not being the best idea, we break down each competitors race so far, and have to criticize the producers for adding too many twists this season.

Cast without Banners: S8 E5 – The Bells

Logan and the Maester of Los Angeles, Jono, discuss season 8 episode 5 of Game of Thrones, The Bell, including Varys going out on his own terms like a badass, how Weiss and Benioff are trying too hard to subvert expectations and have fumbled the ending, the season 8 Tyrion Lannister character assassination, Miguel Sopachnik’s BRILLIANT directing accompanied by subpar writing, celebrities cameos in Game of Thrones history, the uselessness of the Golden Company, how Dany’s rapid Mad Queen descent has betrayed everything her character stood for, if CleganeBowl lived up to the hype, and our big problem with the prophecies throughout the show.

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Rotten Banana Podcast: A Humbling Purge

Logan and Maria reminisce about two years of podcasting about the Challenge together before jumping into recapping episode 14 of War of the Worlds, covering how much of an upset it was for Da’Vonne to beat Dee and we discuss how great of a season Day had, the Judgement Day purge challenge and how Paulie showed huge heart despite his unlikely demise, Logan compares Ninja to Jordan, Wes playing smarter not harder, and Logan goes on a rant about the lame nature of purges, especially this late in the game. We also tease the final and speculate about how the rest of the show will play out!

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Rotten Banana Podcast: Complainer

The full tribunal is back to discuss the latest episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds including the Challenge Instagram doing amazing giveaways lately (& killing it on social media in general), we break down the history of the Hall Brawl elimination, why Jordan will forever have bigger balls than Paulie, this class of challengers playing with honor vs. wanting worse players in the final, where Cara Maria ranks amongst the Challenge greats AKA LeBron vs Jordan, Logan goes on an epic anti-Big Dairy rant, Da’Vonne remaining unbothered by the politics and much more!

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Cast without Banners: S8 E3 – The Long Night

Logan is joined by the Maester Jono and Ser Dave of the Blackwater to discuss the most ambitious and over the top battle scene in cinema history, whether our expectations were subverted via how The Night King found his demise, the lack of Azor Ahai prophecy & overall lackluster foreshadowing, the World War Z element of the wights, Melisandre’s narrative coming to a close, we pour one out for a few of our favorites that didn’t make it out alive, and break down Weiss & Benioff’s post show comments.

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Rotten Banana Podcast: Worst. Elimination. Ever.

Logan and Ali are back to discuss our Avengers: Endgame plans before jumping into recapping episode 12 of War of the Worlds, including what we thought about the worst elimination in Challenge history, how Nany got screwed by Wes and the producers, Georgia and Da’Vonne refusing to trust Wes and it paying off, the mini final showing everyone’s mettle & endurance, playing smarter not harder with the efficiency in the challenge, Logan’s 2 major problems with the War of the Worlds format, Hunter continuing to never learn from mistakes, and then we deep dive into the incident between Ninja+Dee+Turbo. (Hint: don’t come for Turbo!)

Rotten Banana Podcast: Theo Campbell Interview

UK’s favorite son, Theo Campbell, joined Logan on the podcast to discuss how he landed on War of the Worlds, his extensive athletic career, how he gets himself in trouble with the ladies, some of his initial thoughts on the vets, the latest update on his relationship with Kam, that time he partied with Usain Bolt, which War of the Worlds rookies he knew before the show, how famous Stephen Bear really is in the UK, how quickly he caught on to Wes’ scheming, and more!

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