Dodging LA Podcast #10 W/ Guest Dave (NCAA Tourney + NBA)

Logan and Brian are joined by the University of Colorado basketball superstar Dave Hines as he brings his expertise in making homer calls about Coach Izzo and his hometown Spartans and criticizing GM’s for not creating a winning culture. The show kicks off with tourney talk and if we think the Wisconsin vs. Kentucky game will determine the champion. Once again, it wouldn’t be a DLA show without our weekly NBA MVP discussion as Logan gets fiery about defending Curry’s hardware. We touch on Dave’s actual expertise and the redesign, talk about the impact Steve Nash has left on the league, and which rebuilding situation will lead to a title (hint it’s not the Knicks). The show closes with some (very slow) rapid fire questions for Dave and we dish on the best April Fools pranks people have pulled on us.


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