NBA End of Season Awards Roundtable


Logan: One of the highest PERs of all time. 400+ three pointers. Winningest season in NBA history. Improved on every aspect of his game, including on the defensive end. It difficult to truly fathom how Curry exponentially expanded his game. We all witnessed one of the, if not the sole, best offensive seasons in NBA history. Critics will say he doesn’t reach a level on the defensive end like Leonard, and that the Warriors system fits his game perfectly, but Curry is the reason the system works. Give him the awards, give him all the awards. Stephen Curry

Brian: Stephen Curry backed his MVP season with an even better year. He lead his team to a NBA record 73-9 season, shattered his NBA record for most 3-point baskets made in a single season by over 100, and is completely unstoppable right now. He is the best player in the league today and deserves this award. Stephen Curry

Dave: The guy transcends the game.  Every time he has the ball its must watch television.  He’s capable of putting up 40 a night, and the Warriors posted the best regular season record of all time.  I’m honestly not sure who else is in the conversation for me.  LeBron, maybe, but he’s about 100x less likable than Curry so it’s hard for me to vote for him. Steph Curry.

Rookie of the Year:

Logan: While props must be given to Devin Booker, Kristaps Porzingis, Emmanual Mudiay and a few others, Towns has stood head and shoulders above the rest of his class. After not even starting during his lone season at Kentucky, Karl-Anthony has shown he would be the number one pick in any of the last three drafts, maybe even beyond. Really, the only stat you need to know is that he claims the 14th highest PER in the league. The only players above him on that list are either superstars, high efficient role players, or Boban Marjanovic. Karl-Anthony Towns.

Brian: KAT and Jahil Okafor both got out to hot starts, and Phoenix Suns SG Devin Booker came on strong in the second half. KAT became a force to be reckoned with as the season went on. He succeeded all expectations and then some even as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 draft. Karl-Anthony Towns.

Dave: Towns looks like Anthony Davis 2.0 with way less unibrow and a better jump shot.  He’s incredibly coordinated for his size and age and will only grow into his body more and more.  If he develops physically (but dear god, hopefully not mentally) like Dwight Howard did, he will be a tremendous player and could potentially make the Wolves relevant again. KAT.

Coach of the Year:

Logan: As much as I believe all the awards should be given to the Warriors to commemorate their historic season, what Stotts has done in Portland is nothing short of remarkable. Taking what was universally considered a lottery team to the playoffs is an accomplishment in itself. The fact that this team didn’t have to bottom out to regain a level of dominance may speak more to GM Neil Olshey’s brilliance, but Stotts still had to implement a system with 4 new starters. Terry Stotts

Brian: I know Steve Kerr coached his team to an NBA best 73 regular season wins, but look at the talent he has on his team. That’s not taking anything away from him because Mark Jackson couldn’t come close to this feat with the same team. But Brad Stevens surpassed everyones expectations on the Celtics season and has them as a clear contender in the East. He has his team believing in his system, believing in each other, and playing strong. He was also one of the 9 coaches to beat the Warriors this year, and almost beat them twice. He has the Celtics on the rise and prime to be a true title contender with one offseason signee. Brad Stevens.

Dave: Lets talk for a second about how hard it must have been to deal with the Lakers locker room and that scenario for a year.  Big Ang (D’Angelo Russell) is out here snitching on Nick Young (a thirty year old man who refers to himself as Swaggy P) on Snapchat, the Kobe farewell fellatio tour is in your face every day, and your job is to guide the team directly into the 6-month long mountainside plane crash that the Lakers needed in order to keep their top 3 protected pick.  That’s not an easy job and he accomplished it with flying colors.  By that, of course I mean it was a spectacular failure.  P.S. are the Lakers still paying Mike Brown?  He gets an honorary mention for coach of the year too if so, he was ruining the Lakers before it was cool (or intentional). Byron Scott.

Most Improved:

Logan: One of the only times I will give out co-awards, I’m am fully admitting to copping out for such a ridiculous and asinine award. Who deserves it? The guy who was gifted 20 extra minutes and their efficiency actually went up? Or the guy that was already the MVP and improved his stats across the board. Pointless award deserves a ridiculous answer. C.J. McCollum/Stephen Curry.

Brian: Whether he had the talent in him all along, not many people can sustain a 20 minute jump in playing time throughout an entire season and not hit a wall. McCollum shot about 45 percent while averaging 21 points per game as the Blazers second leading scorer on a team that lost 4 of their 5 starters last season. He was a key contributor on helping a team reach the playoffs when everyone expected them to have a 20 win season. C.J. McCollum.

Dave: Is it fair to say Curry again? I’m sure there are other younger, more deserving players but I want to harp on Curry’s season for a second.  It’s hard to say he ‘’improved’ the most of anyone after a record-breaking, title winning year (how do you go up from the top?), but this kid went out and beat his own season long 3 point record by 42%. He set the record last year at 286.  He broke it this year with 402. 402!!!! There are no capital numbers on the keyboard to indicate I was yelling, but one more time for good measure… 402!!!  A 42% increase in total 3’s made with every team in the league giving the Warriors their best shot, every day, every game and where he is matched up by the other team’s best defender doing everything they can to NOT let him shoot threes. And to boot he did it in a season where they won more games than any other team, ever.  That’s incredible. In my opinion this season Curry ascended from superstar to all-time legend.  There are lots of superstars in the league. There’s not a lot of all-time legends, and that was a big step to take, in my opinion. Stephen Curry.

Defensive Player:

Logan: Having to split hairs once again, the debate rages on regarding who is the best defensive player of the year, Leonard or Green. Both are incredibly versatile, with Leonard guarding down from his position and remaining the cream of the crop of wing defenders, while Green guards up from his position and remains one of the best post defenders. The truest sign of the best defender  is often when teams are too afraid to even to go at them.  Kawhi Leonard.

Brian: I may be bias as a perimeter player, but I believe that Kawhi Leonard, who typically goes up against his opponents best wing player deserves the small edge to win this award. In reality, this award should go to both him and Golden States Draymond Green. Leonard has to deal with chasing players around the court through screens, guarding around the three-point line and help side D. Both him and Green are the 2 best defenders in the game, and Greens ability to defend centers makes for a strong case, I however, firmly believe a primarily perimeter player should get the edge in this category. Kawhi Leonard.

Dave: Sorry, Draymond, I’m going with Kawhi. The guy is a physical specimen engineered to play defense. The only player that I saw give him buckets all year was Curry. Kawhi Leonard.

Sixth Man:

Logan: Voters are often blinded by the player posting the most points per game off the bench. What Andre Iguodala means to the Warriors far surpasses anything Jamal Crawford could ever dream of contributing to his team. Iguodala is a star, who willingly has taken a bench role and is really the only super-sub left in the league. He is consistently one of the highest IQ players in the NBA and because he won’t receive any votes for DPoY in a league that increasingly values perimeter defense, 6th Man of the Year should be all his. Andre Iguodala.

Brian: Clippers bench superstar Jamal Crawford does nothing but excite the crowd every time he has the ball in his hands. And while he did average his lowest point total as a Clipper, he has still time and again helped either extend the lead or gain it as the anchor of Los Angeles’ bench unit. He can go for 20+ on any given night and has bailed out the Clippers multiple times this season with clutch baskets late in the game. Jamal Crawford.

Dave: Gotta be Crawford.  He is the entire second unit for the Clippers.  The guy is a one man wrecking crew. It’s insane that he’s been in the league for 14 years and he still plays at the level that he does in terms of dribble drives and quick pull-ups. Jamal Crawford.