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Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Why Are Ya’ll Back?

Logan and Maria discuss Final Reckoning episode 4 including Paulie graduating to lead villain, MTV jumping between the Main and Redemption House, Kayleigh and Nelson’s pitiful relationship, and Chuck and Jemmye not getting to participate in any game this season.

NBA Offseason/ Vegas Mistakes Podcast

Logan is joined by Coray, Kyle, and Al to discuss the NBA offseason including IT signing with the Nuggets and where they stand in the West, LeBron’s seismic shift to the Lakers, Cousins and the Warriors ruining the NBA (again), and the Kawhi-DeMar fiasco before jumping into our recent trip to Las Vegas for NBA Summer League in which we lost all our money playing craps and bumped into a few celebrities.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – #TeamTrainWreck

Logan is joined by Challenge super fan and admin for the best Challenge Facebook page on the internet to discuss her first and favorite seasons, the shift in direction for Challenge drama and more before jumping into recapping Final Reckoning episode 3. Topics include the mystery surrounding how the voting will go down, Kyle tip toeing the line between charming and jealous, who the lay up team is, Cara Mara and Marie’s internal struggle, our love for secret votes, the Redemption House drama, and how the first Armageddon plays out. Follow Alex on Twitter: @ChallCheapTalk

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Kenny Santucci Interview

Logan is joined by 3 time Challenge champion and living legend Kenny Santucci to discuss everything from pro wrestling, Real World Austin, his crossfit career, finding inspiration in training, Evan’s wedding, his favorite season, and why the JEK alliance dominated so many seasons. (Apologies for the rough audio)

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – TONY TIME

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge, starting with the Instagram rumors of Old School vs New School for Challenge 33, Johnny Bananas NBC spin off show ‘First Look’, and CT’s interview with Rolling Stone. Then we jump into Redemption House where TJ shows the cast there the fight between Kailah and Melissa, dive deep into the Cara Maria-Kyle-Paulie love triangle that looks like it’s going to dominate the airtime, Bananas plays the victim to repair his relationship with Natalie, Britni and  Chuck’s dirty laundry gets aired out, and EVENTUALLY there’s an actual Challenge this episode.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Full Moon

Logan and Maria are back discussing the premier of MTV’s The Challenge season 32, Final Reckoning! The recap starts with MTV and TJ jumping right into the first Challenge with a mini purge, introducing all of the teams, how we knew there would be a Redemption House, Logans theory on producers casting outside of MTV shows, Cara Maria’s lack of self awareness and her social implosion, and ultimately the fight between Melissa and Kailah that sends both of them home.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Team Dad Bod FTW

Maria and Logan are back discussing MTV’s the Challenge, starting with the Final Reckoning trailer that dropped, each of the team pairings for the new season, what the hell is happening with Bananas, and who the favorites are for season 32. We then jump into recapping the last 3 episodes of Champs vs Stars starting with episode 7, where the Miz starts putting teams into pairs, Louise morphing from fan favorite to villain, Jozea’s inability to be interesting or swim, drama at all the eliminations, why we need the old Wes back, Casper and Louise dominating their elimination round, team Dad Bod guaranteeing themselves a spot in the final and if Kailah and Drake have a chance to beat the White team.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Stockholm Syndrome

Logan and Maria are back to discuss the last 3 episodes of Champs vs Stars and all the latest gossip/rumors from the MTV Challenge world. They begin with MTV laying the groundwork for CT to be later disappointed by Brooke Hogan’s disappearance during the kickball/football challenge, Wes and Louise have a political summit that results in Louise and the Stars taking control of the house through the numbers game and the snowball effect of the Power Plays, Ashley flips her lid after being traded for Tori, Drake calls it how he sees it, Jozea makes an actual appearance on the show, and the political game picks up between the Champs and Stars despite not everything going to Louise’s plan.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – A Shot of Hennessy

Logan and Maria are back discussing Champs vs Stars season 3! The show kicks off with a short talk about Bananas NBC feature and the most famous people to come from RW/RR, then we jump into all the CvS drama including Hennessy’s antics, Miz stirring the pot, the relationship between MTV and wrestling, Booby betraying Kam, Tony and Shane’s power moves in the elimination, and if Devin was out of line to call out Henny.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – #ZachOfSh!t

Logan and Maria are back to break down both parts of the Vendettas Reunion and the Champ vs Stars season 3 premiere! We start discussing The Situation’s drama on Jersey Shore before jumping into Bananas beef with both Devin and Tony, the open secrets about some of the cast members, Leroy’s anger towards Cara and Tony, Devin’s epic trolling, Nicole’s treatment of ‘her girls’, confessional gangsters & keyboard warriors, our thoughts on Vendettas as a whole, and Cara Maria’s overreaction to Nelson and Jordan’s criticism. The pod wraps up with a brief recap of the Champs vs Stars premiere where Tony gets drunk with power, Shane acts as a human bowling ball, and Wes & Louise’s conniving begin to control the house.

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