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Rotten Banana Podcast: Pack Your Bags, Bananas!

Logan and Ali are back discussing War of the Worlds covering TJ’s explanation of the relic and the history of rewarding elimination winners, Bananas general delusion about his standing in the game and the three acts in the reality career of Johnny, Cara Maria inserting herself into Mattie and Kyles love fest, a new theory on Zach’s lack of interest in the show, Wes being giddy over throwing Johnny into the Killing Floor, and Bananas terrible decision to call Zach out.

Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor Edge of Extinction Ep 1

Logan is joined by Diana and Hunter to discuss the season premiere of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, we cover who we each drafted in our fantasy draft, why Joe is the easiest meat shield post-merge target ever, the difficulty the producers face in non tribe based themes, WHY Wendy wouldn’t yes-and her way out of trouble, Ron being the next potential Christian, Kelly Wentworth’s Survivor history, and that awkward tribal council.

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Rotten Banana Podcast: Bumble Busted (War of the Worlds)

Logan is joined by Diana to discuss episode 2 of The Challenge: War of the Worlds covering everything from TJ hanging loose during his monster truck rally at the challenge, Wes staying 4 steps ahead of his cast mates, why Bananas tearing down Wes is detrimental to his legacy, why the Challenge isn’t America’s fifth major sport, Zach’s continued toxicity by threatening to break up with Jenna after getting caught cheating (again), Amanda stirring the pot and sticking to her guns, and Hunter getting his sweet revenge taking out Chase & Ashley first this season.

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Rotten Banana Podcast: Armchair Psychiatry

Logan and Ali are back discussing the season premiere (sort of) of the new season of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, Apocalypse Now! We break down Paulie’s latest social media meltdown, and Morgan calling out Wes during the After Show before jumping into who does well in the opening purge challenge. The podcast takes many divergent paths including a deep dive into Lolo Jones and her reality TV career, the cringe of the Cara Maria- Paulie sexcapades, Theo’s 8 Mile comments, and our early predictions for who will win WotW.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Meet the Rookies (War of the Worlds)

Logan and Ali are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge covering the first ‘non-official’ episode of War of the Worlds where we get to meet the 18 reality TV stars invading the Challenge world. We break down all the new cast members, their relationships with the veterans, our early favorites, why Turbo placed Logan on his hit list, and how the vet alliances may fall in place.

Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor David vs Goliath FINALE

Logan and Hunter are back discussing the final night of Survivor: David vs Goliath from Nick winning, to Mike’s weak final pitch to the jury, some behind the scenes secrets at the reunion, Natalie NOT leaning into being a villain, Hunter’s theory on why the fire starter challenge is better than a final vote, Angelina and Probst opening up the discussing about how women are judged differently on the show, and we tease season 38 Edge of Extinction!

Rotten Banana Podcast: KellyAnne Judd Interview

Logan is joined by Real World: Sydney and Challenge alum KellyAnne Judd to discuss her relationship with the cast and specifically the crew on her RW season, what her dealbreaker Instagrams are, her experience with Cara Maria over the years, bullying on the show then vs now, the insane politics of the Ruins, her favorite seasons and so much more!


Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor DvG ‘Are You Feeling Lucky?’

Logan is joined by Hunter and Diana to discuss the last few weeks of David vs Goliath (Brochacho Blindside) before jumping into episode 13 covering everything from Nick planting the fake idol, Davie living life like a future millionaire, Jonny Fairplay on Reality Steve, Nick getting the winners edit, Mr. Schneebly finally winning an immunity, Hunter-bro’s theory on lawyers, and Christian outplaying everyone despite going home.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Syrus Yarbrough Interview

Logan is joined by MTV Real World and Challenge alum Syrus Yarbrough to discuss his current life in Santa Monica, the reality TV scene around LA, the changes to BMP and MTV over the years, his thoughts on Puck vs. David on BOTS, what really happened on the Ruins, his connection to the Golden State Warriors, and who he thinks is the greatest Challenger ever.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Friendettas (Reunion pt 2)

Logan recaps the Final Reckoning reunion drama, the LizChallenge twitter insanity,  why Cara Maria gets so much hate from cast members, Amanda and Zach’s relationship never getting mended, and Logan declares his favorite cast member ever retired.

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