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Rotten Banana Podcast: The Opposite of Woke

Logan and Diana discuss episode 11 of Final Reckoning including a possible blemish on Kam’s immaculate elimination record, Paulie playing peace keeper between Kayleigh and Natalie, Bananas continued lack of self awareness, Cory Sergeant’s MTV and Challenge career, the Lavender Ladies bullying tactics, how unfair the Final Reckoning format is, Diana’s theory on tall hot bros, Amanda’s insane rant on Cara Maria and Marie coming to to her defense (& being on the right side of history.)

Points from the Key Podcast: Dave’s Detroit Divorce & LABron Takes Over

Logan, Dave, and Brian are back together to recap the first week of NFL and the NBA offseason, Dave officially files divorce papers from the Lions, Logan speaks Garoppolo’s MVP bid into existence, Brian and Dave debate Johnny Manziel vs Nathan Peterman and the deepest depths by which the Lions will go to lose football games. 2nd half of the pod jumps into NBA discussion including the vibes around LA after LeBron signed with the Lakers, if Durant’s titles have an asterisk, and we give our Finals picks.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – I Have 2 College Degrees

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge, starting with the latest rumors and stories from the MTV world, including Madison and Tony drama, Cheyenne and Cory on Teen Mom, CT’s wedding, and Challenge 33 cast rumors/the Challenge becoming reality TV All Stars, before jumping into recapping episode 10 of Final Reckoning. Topics include CT possibly riding off into the sunset, some last minute polidicking, Logan rants about the producers misuse of the Redemption House and Double Cross, who we think gets purged, and then break down the second half season trailer.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Spice Up Your Life

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge covering Bananas leaked sex tape, and the Twitter drama between Cara Maria+Marie+Paulie before jumping into the most recent episode of Final Reckoning and Shane’s throwing of last weeks Challenge, Amanda not knowing who the Spice Girls are, Jozea and Da’Vonne dominating the air time, the Lavender Ladies alliance getting too big for their own good, how they ended up with a 3-way tie in voting, and one of the most grueling eliminations ever.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Interview w/ Killa Kam Williams

Logan and Maria are joined by Vendettas, Champs vs Stars, AYTO, and Final Reckoning alum Killa Kam Williams to discuss her power vote and orchestration of the most ambitious voting scheme in Challenge history, what happened on her AYTO season, the biggest difference between CvS and the main show, her attitude and philosophy on not playing a scared game, if Shane did the right thing throwing the Challenge, and what she thought of Jozea’s latest single!

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – TJ LAVIN Interview

Logan is joined by BMX legend and host of 22 seasons of MTV’s the Challenge, TJ Lavin, to discuss the gnarly spill he took this morning, what he does when he’s not filming, his favorite challenge locations, his piano style and how he picked up guitar, where he was for the Dirty XXX finale, his reaction to Bananas stealing Sarah’s money at the end of Rivals 3, his Youtube channel and philosophy on paying it forward.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Queen’s Scheme

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s the Challenge covering everything from Kailah stepping away from Challenges to shoot Lohan’s Beach House in Mykonos, the house drama before the first elimination of the episode, Tori and Derrick getting the burn votes, Joss stealing a line from Lil Wayne, Paulie getting livid at the house voting, the curious strategy in the daily challenge, how Kam and Kayleigh won, and of course Kam’s ambitious voting scheme that didn’t pan out exactly as she hoped.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Burn Votes

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge including Kailah Casillas being on the new Lindsay Lohan reality show and the latest drama on Teen Mom 2 before jumping into Final Reckoning episode 6. Topics include CT going crazy from boredom in the Redemption House, the suspicious timing of Bratni’s breakup, the continuing love triangle saga between Faith-Kyle-Cara Maria and the implications on the voting in the game. Finally we get an actual Challenge this episode, and it’s an ambitious one! We recap who killed it this week on the train heist before jumping into the voting speculation and who gets burned this time around.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Dear MTV Production

Logan and Maria recap episode 5 of MTV’s The Challenge Final Reckoning including all the house drama post Paulie elimination, if BanAngela is a valuable alliance, CT’s unfair treatment of Veronica, the Nelson-Kayleigh toxicity, Tori and Bananas trashing Bratni, and Logan goes on an epic rant about MTV+the producers+format of this season of the Challenge.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Why Are Ya’ll Back?

Logan and Maria discuss Final Reckoning episode 4 including Paulie graduating to lead villain, MTV jumping between the Main and Redemption House, Kayleigh and Nelson’s pitiful relationship, and Chuck and Jemmye not getting to participate in any game this season.

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