Rotten Banana Podcast: Sweet Little Lies

Logan and Ali are back together to discuss everything from the reality TV world the last few weeks. We start by chatting about Jemmye’s new Youtube channel and upcoming appearance on Ex on the Beach, Tori Hall possibly never being on season 35, and Logan goes on an EPIC rant about the #MeToo moment that went down on Survivor this week before jumping into recapping the last 2 weeks of War of the Worlds 2.

We talk about Jordan sending Theo home and the proposal that followed, which of course leads to a discussion on Cara Maria and her perpetual misery and not being able to distinguish real life from the show, and then jump into how dirty Rogan treated Dee and the conniving way he went about trying to send her home, along with chatting about Kam’s territorial behavior regarding Leroy, and we close the show with Tori’s Iverson moment over Jenny in Hall Brawl.