Rotten Banana Podcast: Wes Bergmann Interview

Logan and Ali are joined by Challenge Champion and legend Weston Bergmann to discuss his dual life between reality tv and BetaBlox, why he loves being on Cameo, his experience with 2 part & purges in finals and why the producers need to manufacture drama, how he almost wound up on Dirty 30, where things went wrong on War of the Worlds 2 and his nightmare of an elimination against Bear, why Dee should never be underestimated again, how the power alliance was misportrayed in WotW2, Jordan and Tori’s brilliant gameplay, he explains all of Zach’s wedding plans for War of the Worlds, who the biggest party girl in Challenge history really was, why Turbo is the greatest Challenger ever, his true thoughts on Ninja and why she gets targeted, why Casey’s luggage was the biggest game changer in Fresh Meat, his brief but brilliant acting career, and his insane Maury segment opposite Johnny Bananas.