Rotten Butterbeer Podcast: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Logan and Ali continue their Harry Potter binge and this week its Chamber of Secrets! we discuss the new major themes introduced from prejudice, and identity to fear of the ‘other’ from the introduction of House Elves and Voldemorts ‘true-blood’ ideology. Chamber of Secrets lays the foundation for the final conflict of the series, but is it a good stand alone film? Chamber is essentially anti-Slytherin propaganda, but is that a bad thing? The rotating door of Defense against the Dark Arts teachers brings us Professor Lockhart and all his dripping ego, but is he underused in the film? Tom Riddle and his diary are the next piece of ‘endgame’ material introduced early on in the series and the Chamber of Secrets itself is a clever narrative tool to introduce ancient Hogwarts lore to the viewer, but does the film hold up?