Rotten Butterbeer Podcast: The Goblet of Fire

Logan and Ali are halfway through their Harry Potter binge and this week we’re breaking down the Tri-Wizard tournament inside the Goblet of Fire. We get to experience a bit of the Quidditch World Cup, but is it anything more than a narrative device to introduce the Deatheaters? The Wizarding World is ever expanding in this movie with the introduction of the other two schools for the tournament, but what is it that makes Goblet stand out from the other films in the series? Cedric, Fleur, and Krum are all new main characters introduced to the story and each have their strengths within the tournament, is the audience given enough time to connect with them, though? Voldemort and the final graveyard sequence are a masterwork in storytelling and setting up the Dark Lord as being back to near full strength to foreshadow our final battle with Harry Potter, but what makes this scene so epic?