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Rotten Coconut Podcast: Jonny Fairplay Interview

Logan and Hunter are joined by Survivor and reality TV ICON Jonny Fairplay to discuss his latest tv project (Palette Roulette), cast themed seasons vs twist seasons, his current relationship with Jeff Probst, how the Edge of Extinction twist might play out, whether Sandra is the biggest anomaly player in Survivor history, getting stiffed by AJ Styles in his TNA debut, why he hates WarDog and so much more!

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Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor Edge of Extinction Ep 1

Logan is joined by Diana and Hunter to discuss the season premiere of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, we cover who we each drafted in our fantasy draft, why Joe is the easiest meat shield post-merge target ever, the difficulty the producers face in non tribe based themes, WHY Wendy wouldn’t yes-and her way out of trouble, Ron being the next potential Christian, Kelly Wentworth’s Survivor history, and that awkward tribal council.

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Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor David vs Goliath FINALE

Logan and Hunter are back discussing the final night of Survivor: David vs Goliath from Nick winning, to Mike’s weak final pitch to the jury, some behind the scenes secrets at the reunion, Natalie NOT leaning into being a villain, Hunter’s theory on why the fire starter challenge is better than a final vote, Angelina and Probst opening up the discussing about how women are judged differently on the show, and we tease season 38 Edge of Extinction!

Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor (David vs Goliath)

Logan is joined by fellow reality TV junkie Hunter to discuss his new obsession with Big Brother, some of his all time favorite Survivor moments, who he took in the Survivor fantasy draft, the biggest differences between Survivor and MTV’s the Challenge, who he sees potentially winning David vs Goliath, and the crazy blindside votes/injuries that have sent the first few people home this season.

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