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Cast without Banners: S8 E5 – The Bells

Logan and the Maester of Los Angeles, Jono, discuss season 8 episode 5 of Game of Thrones, The Bell, including Varys going out on his own terms like a badass, how Weiss and Benioff are trying too hard to subvert expectations and have fumbled the ending, the season 8 Tyrion Lannister character assassination, Miguel Sopachnik’s BRILLIANT directing accompanied by subpar writing, celebrities cameos in Game of Thrones history, the uselessness of the Golden Company, how Dany’s rapid Mad Queen descent has betrayed everything her character stood for, if CleganeBowl lived up to the hype, and our big problem with the prophecies throughout the show.

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Cast without Banners: S8 E3 – The Long Night

Logan is joined by the Maester Jono and Ser Dave of the Blackwater to discuss the most ambitious and over the top battle scene in cinema history, whether our expectations were subverted via how The Night King found his demise, the lack of Azor Ahai prophecy & overall lackluster foreshadowing, the World War Z element of the wights, Melisandre’s narrative coming to a close, we pour one out for a few of our favorites that didn’t make it out alive, and break down Weiss & Benioff’s post show comments.

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Cast without Banners: S8 E1 – Winterfell

Logan, Jono, and Dave are back discussing HBO’s Game of Thrones covering the season 8 premier, Winterfell. Topics covered include the new opening animation, where HBO was spending the CGI budget, the symmetry and rhyming of the pilot with the season 8 premier, where the hell Ghost went, Brans newfound subtlety, Young Lord Umber being the first devastating death of the season, the excessive amount of happy reunions, what Aragorn’s thoughts on taxation are, Jono’s new theory on not creating theories anymore, who tf Harry Strickland is, Ed Sheeran’s beloved return to Westeros and so much more!

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Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview

Logan, Jono, and Viney are back to discuss all the happenings in the Game of Thrones universe since we’ve last talked, preview season 7, compare where characters are in the show vs the books, the shows complicated relationship with a continuous timeline, and make a few predictions about what to expect in the penultimate season. The episode concludes with a brief talk on whether Dany is the ultimate villain of the show.

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Dodging LA Podcast: Game of Thrones Season 5 Ep. 1 Recap

Host Logan is joined by GoT expert Jono and the jet setting Matty Mo to discuss the first episode of season five of Game of Thrones. The show kicks off with a discussion of the first flashback in show history, showing Cersei’s meeting with a future predicting witch. The roundtable goes on to discuss other events in the episode, Jon Snow is approached by Stannis about trying to gain Mance Rayder’s trust, Tyrion and Varys have fled King’s Landing and set out to find Danny, and Littlefinger deciding Sansa’s fate.


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