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Rotten Banana Podcast/You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast Reunion Special!

Logan and Ali were joined by Drew, Gigi, and Cait of ‘You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast’ fame to discuss The Challenge War of the Worlds reunion including how Lolo Jones did as cohost, why the producers were pushing the Cara Maria needle phobia on the audience, how Kam and Da’Vonne squashed the beef in the most mature way, Zach tucking his tail between his legs on every reunion, and Wes no apologizing enough for slandering Da’Vonne on Twitter and make sure you tune into part 2 on the ‘You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast’ feed at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-f-cked-with-the-wrong-podcast/id1451379803

Rotten Banana Podcast: Don’t F*ck My Dream!

Logan and Ali are back to discuss MTV’s The Challenge, including our relief of being able to discuss the winner of War of the Worlds, before talking about the Challenge season 34 rumored cast, the curious choice to send Hunter into the elimination, how screwed Ninja got despite finishing the hardest final ever, the lameness of the trivia and eating checkpoints, Turbo’s incredible winners edit, Wes playing smarter, not harder, and Theo possibly blowing it in the ninth inning.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Son of the B*tch

The full tribunal of Logan, Maria, and Ali are back to recap and discuss the latest rumors from the MTV Challenge world including our thoughts on if Bear was worth what MTV paid for his services, who will be hosting the reunion, the notion of earning vs deserving of getting to a final, why this was THE definitive Turbo episode, how the new tribunal will play out, Bear’s epic fail at the challenge that landed him in elimination, Hunters continuing to make mistakes, and the 2 previous challenges/eliminations this episode was paying homage to.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Bear by Name, Bear by Nature

Logan and Ali break down the latest episode of War of the Worlds including Ali’s thoughts on the latest Amanda controversy (& why she might be team Amanda now), how women are treated in reality tv, why Dee is our new favorite Challenger, Bear’s latest lying antics (& his extensive Hawaiian shirt collection), Kyle’s epic one liners, Wes trying to play master manipulator, why we actually want a cliffhanger and much more!


Rotten Banana Podcast: Plain Jane Losers

Logan and Diana break down the last few weeks worth of War of the Worlds episode including why Leroy is one of the most overrated players in Challenge history, Bears bold strategy of targeting the strong vets, Gus and Jenna’s lack of foresight by targeting Josh and Amanda, Bear breaking Da’Vonnes heart by forcing Paulie and Ninja into Interrogation, and where Josh went wrong in his elimination.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Armageddon Tired

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge including some of our favorite seasons, and paying homage to Diem Brown before jumping into recapping Final Reckoning episode 19 including breaking down the high voltage Trivia Part 2 Challenge, all the dirty behind the scenes secrets regarding the elimination re-do, the brilliant late game voting from Marie and Ashley, and Natalie’s insane stamina to send Bananas home!

Rotten Banana Podcast: What Would Wes Do?

Logan and Maria are back discussing MTV’s The Challenge starting with Cara Maria and Paulie’s appearance on How Far is Tattoo Far, more Season 33 rumors and rumblings, and Maria’s thoughts on Bananas loss last week, before jumping into recapping Final Reckoning episode 18 starting with the drama in Redemption with Nelson and Kayleigh, that Redemption finally ends at EPISODE 18, Brad and Kyle’s questionable strategy, Kam and Kayleigh’s huge win (and later getting purged), and the disappointing heavyweight battle between Shelson and Banony.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Weaponized Emotion

Logan and Maria discuss the latest Season 33 cast rumors before jumping into recapping Final Reckoning episode 16 starting with Kam trolling Kyle and Brad for losing their elimination, the complicated nature of taking sides when everyone is wrong, Bananas incredibly insensitive comments trying to weaponize Devin’s emotions, we have an extensive conversation about the incident and eventually talk about the lamest trivia challenge in years.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Scott Yager Interview

Logan is joined by Challenge Mania host Scott Yager to discuss the behind the scenes of running the biggest podcast in the Challenge sphere, what podcasting in the modern age entails, why MTV holds their stars back, his backyard wrestling career, how pro wrestling relates to the Challenge, Scott works in his best Vince McMahon impression, and the show ends with a brief talk on the criticisms of using Patreon.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Kenny Santucci Interview

Logan is joined by 3 time Challenge champion and living legend Kenny Santucci to discuss everything from pro wrestling, Real World Austin, his crossfit career, finding inspiration in training, Evan’s wedding, his favorite season, and why the JEK alliance dominated so many seasons. (Apologies for the rough audio)

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