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Points from the Key Podcast: Dave’s Detroit Divorce & LABron Takes Over

Logan, Dave, and Brian are back together to recap the first week of NFL and the NBA offseason, Dave officially files divorce papers from the Lions, Logan speaks Garoppolo’s MVP bid into existence, Brian and Dave debate Johnny Manziel vs Nathan Peterman and the deepest depths by which the Lions will go to lose football games. 2nd half of the pod jumps into NBA discussion including the vibes around LA after LeBron signed with the Lakers, if Durant’s titles have an asterisk, and we give our Finals picks.

NBA Offseason/ Vegas Mistakes Podcast

Logan is joined by Coray, Kyle, and Al to discuss the NBA offseason including IT signing with the Nuggets and where they stand in the West, LeBron’s seismic shift to the Lakers, Cousins and the Warriors ruining the NBA (again), and the Kawhi-DeMar fiasco before jumping into our recent trip to Las Vegas for NBA Summer League in which we lost all our money playing craps and bumped into a few celebrities.

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 50 – NBA TRADE DEADLINE

Logan, Brian, and Paris break down all the Cavaliers moves, what it means for the Lakers moving forward, if the Cavs are better than they were yesterday, what the Warriors staying pat means, and how Blake Griffin effects the Eastern Conference.

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 49 – Can’t Teach Heart

Logan, Brian, and Dave on the Dodgers game 7 choke, what is going on with the Cavaliers, the top 2 teams in the Eastern Conference, Dave explains his latest social experiment, the trio ranks the top pizza chains, and finally, our thoughts on kneeling during the national anthem.

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 48 – Lottery Reform & Rookie Storylines

Logan and Brian discuss Joel Emibiid’s contract extension, the worst teams in the league this season, NBA lottery reform, the best rookie storylines going into the season, and the sleeping giant in the West, the Denver Nuggets.

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 47 – Warriors/Cavaliers Preview w/ Cyrus

Logan is joined by Warriors connoisseur Cyrus Hoda to discuss the major storylines concerning the Warriors and Cavaliers. From the incredible offseason Golden State had, to the (low key) disastrous summer for Cleveland, the duo breaks down whether it will bare any impact on who will play in June, the best and worse case scenarios for the Dubs, Logan drops a new KD theory and much more.

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 45 – Sanity > Hannity, GoT Time Loops, and NBA Free Agency

Logan and Dave break down the smartest and most ludicrous moves in NBA free agency, what Danny Ainge is doing with the Celtics, if the Timberwolves can become a playoff contender, Dave’s thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones season and its’ potential causality loops, and then the hot takes fly about the GOP, DJT Jr. and his emails, and media coverage of todays political climate.

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Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 44 – Load Up or Lay Down

Logan, Swander, and Brian on NBA free agency, the draft, how Chris Paul fits into the Rockets, where Gordon Hayward may land, and the minimum salary players the Warriors will look to acquire. Also discussed: the end of season awards show, the future for the Clippers, and the potential Boston mega deals that may be coming.

Twitter: @LoganGiantsbane  Facebook: Hedrich Files

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dodging-la-podcast/id100199184

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 43 – Warriors Pop Champagne

Logan, Michael Swander, and Kyle Brown break down the NBA Finals from top to bottom, including Warriors Twitter exposing the cold takes, our experiences watching Game 5, Kerr’s insistence on ‘Strength in Numbers’, what the Cavaliers have to do moving forward, how the Warriors stack up against the ’80’s NBA legends, the lack of leadership in the Cavs front office, and how LeBron concocted the situation around him. Also, Nick gets Wrong.

Twitter: @LoganGiantsbane  Facebook: Hedrich Files

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dodging-la-podcast/id100199184


Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 42 – NBA Finals A-Z w/ Paris Lay

Logan is joined by Dave, Brian, and Paris to discuss the insanity of the media during the break between the conference finals and the championship, what the X-factors will be in the series, LeBron’s legacy vs Michael Jordan and ranking their Finals opponents, who’s legacy needs the Finals MVP the most, and if the Warriors going 16-0 validates KD’s decision. Doc Rivers superteam comments were called out and the benefits of Mike Brown being coach are weighed. The podcast concludes with a brief talk on how the Oracle crowd has changed.

Twitter: @LoganGiantsbane  Facebook: Hedrich Files

Paris Lay Twitter: @ParisLay

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dodging-la-podcast/id100199184

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