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Points from the Key Podcast: Dave’s Detroit Divorce & LABron Takes Over

Logan, Dave, and Brian are back together to recap the first week of NFL and the NBA offseason, Dave officially files divorce papers from the Lions, Logan speaks Garoppolo’s MVP bid into existence, Brian and Dave debate Johnny Manziel vs Nathan Peterman and the deepest depths by which the Lions will go to lose football games. 2nd half of the pod jumps into NBA discussion including the vibes around LA after LeBron signed with the Lakers, if Durant’s titles have an asterisk, and we give our Finals picks.

Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 34 – The Useless Swanders

Logan is joined by the Swander Brothers of Useless Comparisons fame to discuss Warriors fandom, the Kevin Durant injury, the Cavs moves, Javale vs Shaq, which front office is the worst in the league, and of course we touch on ‘The Process’. Logan destroys the NFL for its’ use of non-guaranteed contracts and the pod ends with the Swanders take on MVP.

Twitter: @LoganGiantsbane  Facebook: Points from the Key

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dodging-la-podcast/id100199184


Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 31 – Super Bowl Picks + LeBron vs Chuck

Logan and Brian give their thoughts on who’s going to win the Super Bowl, pick sides in the LeBron James vs Charles Barkley debate, question whether LeBron really knows the ins and outs of the CBA, and attempt to pick winners in the 3 Point and Dunk Contests at All Star Weekend. The pod closes with the everlasting PftK debate of whether we should Trust the Process or not.

Twitter: @LoganGiantsbane  Facebook: Points from the Key

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dodging-la-podcast/id1001991847

Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/LoganGiantsbane/


Points from the Key Podcast: Ep. 30 – Degenerate Super Bowl Betting Show

The annual degenerate Super Bowl Gambling pod is back, this time with Ben and Al to break down what Lady Gaga’s first song will be, what type of pants Luke Bryan will be wearing for the National Anthem, how many times Trump and DeflateGate will be mentioned on air, oh, and there’s a football game, too. Al shows his partisan side when Chris Hogan’s name gets mentioned, while Ben brings his previous betting history into the mix and drops some actually knowledge on willing gamblers. The pod takes a turn for the political, and eventually the LeBron vs Charles Barkley beef is discussed.

Twitter: @LoganGiantsbane  Facebook: Points from the Key

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dodging-la-podcast/id1001991847

Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/LoganGiantsbane/


This Week in Sports: Rams Ground Jets by Brian Bernstein

Los Angeles Clippers (9-1)

Lets hear it Clippers fans. I’m ready for the “I told you so” and the “you were mistaken sir.” Lob City proved me wrong by going into Oklahoma City and beating the Thunder. However, I do get to say this… “BARELY!”

I mean, come on Clips. How do you almost lose with the Lawler Law at play? Timeout. What’s the Lawler Law? It’s a rule, or “law,” that states the first team to score 100 points will win the game, created by Clippers’ broadcaster Ralph Lawler.


Points from the Key Podcast Ep 7: NBA News, Warriors Lose to Lakers, and Nuggets Season Review

On this weeks episode of the PftK podcast, the guys are joined by Coray, resident Nuggets expert, to discuss Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset, the NBA upset of the century, the impact of Kevin Durant landing on the Warriors, and we attempt to do a deep dive into the Nuggets 2015-16 season & where the franchise goes from here. (Technical difficulties forced us to cut this episode short, but we will record another Nuggets-centric pod soon)


Points from the Key Podcast #3: Super Bowl Recap/NBA News & Rumors

Dave and Logan are joined by Julian to discuss the Broncos shocking dominance in the Super Bowl, along with all the other shenanigans that took place, including the Peyton/Papa Johns kiss, the disaster of a halftime show, our favorite commercials and whiter Cam Newton made a ‘business decision’ or not. Also discussed is the NBA coaching carousel with the recent firing of Derek Fisher and what the Rockets should do with Dwight Howard.


Points from the Key Micro-Pod Episode 2: How the Warriors Land Durant/ Tyronn Lue Era Cavs

Dave and Logan discuss the latest Woj-bomb regarding the steps the Warriors must take to land Kevin Durant this summer, the Warriors chemistry rankings, how the Cavs have improved under Lue while slowing down the pace, and Dave introduces a new segment, ‘Hate Comments’.


Points from the Key Podcast #1: NBA Rumors/ Super Bowl Prop Bets

On the inaugural episode of the Points from the Key podcast Logan, Brian, and Dave break down the Blake Griffin story and whether the Clippers can still coexist, or if Doc Rivers should ship off their star power forward. The show then jumps into degenerate territory and the trio breaks down all the whackiest prop bets, including what color will Beyonce’s shoes be, whether Cam Newton will break the SB rushing record, and what Stephen Curry will be wearing during the game. (Around 20 minutes into the show Brian’s live feed became unsynced from Logan and Dave, apologies.)


Dodging LA Podcast #47: Christmas Games Recap, NBA News & Rumors, and Top 5/Bottom 5 Coaches

Brian and Logan kick off this week’s show with some Dodgers news, and Steve Smith unretiring before jumping into NBA news, including the Cleanthony Early shooting, which coaches will most likely get fired before the end of the year,  and what we thought of the Warriors-Cavs and Lakers-Clippers on Christmas. There’s also a deep dive on the big ‘What if?’ of the Hornets never trading Kobe Bryant to the Lakers.


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