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Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview/Betting Odds

Logan, Jono, and Dave are back from the hibernation that was the 2 year wait between Game of Thrones seasons and break down who will sit on the throne at the end of the show, the lack of leaks for the 2 years between seasons, if Weiss and Benioff will follow George R.R. Martins blueprint of subverting expectations in the series finale, we try to wrap up a few unfinished threads that were sprinkled throughout the whole show, and finally we discuss what would constitute a satisfying ending to the show (aka anything but Return of the King.)

Rotten Banana Podcast: Bear by Name, Bear by Nature

Logan and Ali break down the latest episode of War of the Worlds including Ali’s thoughts on the latest Amanda controversy (& why she might be team Amanda now), how women are treated in reality tv, why Dee is our new favorite Challenger, Bear’s latest lying antics (& his extensive Hawaiian shirt collection), Kyle’s epic one liners, Wes trying to play master manipulator, why we actually want a cliffhanger and much more!


Rotten Banana Podcast: Plain Jane Losers

Logan and Diana break down the last few weeks worth of War of the Worlds episode including why Leroy is one of the most overrated players in Challenge history, Bears bold strategy of targeting the strong vets, Gus and Jenna’s lack of foresight by targeting Josh and Amanda, Bear breaking Da’Vonnes heart by forcing Paulie and Ninja into Interrogation, and where Josh went wrong in his elimination.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Tony Raines Interview

Logan and Ali are joined by MTV Challenge legend Tony Raines to discuss his grueling elimination at the end of Final Reckoning against Paulie and Natalie, his relationship with Bananas over the years and where they stand now, he puts the Cory incident to bed, why he loved Vendettas more than the other shows in the trilogy, before jumping into his thoughts on War of the Worlds including who we would have wanted as a partner, the unique experience of watching the show as a former cast member, the upsides and drawbacks of a shortened season, what his brother is up to and what his favorite Batman movie is!

Follow Tony on Twitter: @tonyraines

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Rotten Banana Podcast: The Greatest Showman? w/ Marie Roda

Logan is joined by MTV Challenge vet and overall badass Marie Roda to discuss her friend Nicole being on Game of Clones before jumping into her thoughts on War of the Worlds including how ridiculous Bear was (and how she’d love to party with him), if Zach is just a misunderstood asshole, how difficult the mini-final Challenge was, and she drops a few truth bombs about Cara Maria and her relationship with Paulie.

Rotten Coconut Podcast: Jonny Fairplay Interview

Logan and Hunter are joined by Survivor and reality TV ICON Jonny Fairplay to discuss his latest tv project (Palette Roulette), cast themed seasons vs twist seasons, his current relationship with Jeff Probst, how the Edge of Extinction twist might play out, whether Sandra is the biggest anomaly player in Survivor history, getting stiffed by AJ Styles in his TNA debut, why he hates WarDog and so much more!

Follow him on Twitter: @JonnyFairplay


Rotten Banana Podcast: Halloween Bash

Logan, Ali, and Maria AKA the tribunal are back discussing MTV’s the Challenge: War of the Worlds including the drama Amanda and Da’Vonne brought up on twitter, the producers protecting their favorites, the questionable strategy of a few teams at the epic Fallout Challenge, the unspoken pro-wrestling style agreement between Kyle and Paulie, Nany not letting CT skate to the final, who was best dressed at the Halloween party, and JP’s ballsy move of calling out an MTV legend into a physical elimination.

Rotten Banana Podcast: Pack Your Bags, Bananas!

Logan and Ali are back discussing War of the Worlds covering TJ’s explanation of the relic and the history of rewarding elimination winners, Bananas general delusion about his standing in the game and the three acts in the reality career of Johnny, Cara Maria inserting herself into Mattie and Kyles love fest, a new theory on Zach’s lack of interest in the show, Wes being giddy over throwing Johnny into the Killing Floor, and Bananas terrible decision to call Zach out.

Hedrich Files Reality TV Podcast: Survivor Edge of Extinction Ep 1

Logan is joined by Diana and Hunter to discuss the season premiere of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, we cover who we each drafted in our fantasy draft, why Joe is the easiest meat shield post-merge target ever, the difficulty the producers face in non tribe based themes, WHY Wendy wouldn’t yes-and her way out of trouble, Ron being the next potential Christian, Kelly Wentworth’s Survivor history, and that awkward tribal council.

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Rotten Banana Podcast: Bumble Busted (War of the Worlds)

Logan is joined by Diana to discuss episode 2 of The Challenge: War of the Worlds covering everything from TJ hanging loose during his monster truck rally at the challenge, Wes staying 4 steps ahead of his cast mates, why Bananas tearing down Wes is detrimental to his legacy, why the Challenge isn’t America’s fifth major sport, Zach’s continued toxicity by threatening to break up with Jenna after getting caught cheating (again), Amanda stirring the pot and sticking to her guns, and Hunter getting his sweet revenge taking out Chase & Ashley first this season.

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