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Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Camila’s Blowup w/ Allan Aguirre

Logan is joined by Allan to discuss the last two episodes of the Challenge including where this seasons trivia ranks amongst other seasons, the confusing editing of this season,  we do a deep dive on Camila’s MTV career and what she did to Leroy, and we applaud Leroy’s handling of the racist remarks. The pod concludes with a brief discussion on our favorite finales, MTV’s stance on violence/racism, and who the female face of the Challenge will be moving forward.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Outta Shape, Smoke Alotta Cigarettes, & IDGAF w/ Marie Roda

Logan is joined by Challenge cast member Marie Roda to discuss her experience on Real World St Thomas, what went wrong on Invasion, Twitter beefs, the loneliness of the Redemption house, the way MTV can dictate your persona through editing, and much more!

Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones S7 E7, ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’- Incest, Yay! – w/ Paris Lay

Logan, Vine, and Paris break down the season 7 finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, covering the G19 White Walker meetings in King’s Landing, Jamie’s character transformation, the downfall of Littlefinger and the frustration of the poor writing in the Winterfell storyline, explore the Valanquar theory, the epic breaking down the Wall, and Jono jumps on the pod towards the end to give his thoughts.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Rap Battle Gone Wrong

Logan and Maria on the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge, topics covered include Jordan’s incendiary comments during the rap battle, the backstabbing going on with Marie and Team Jailah, the intensity of the elimination round, Aneesa’s possible seduction of Veronica, and Ammo’s YouCaring.com page.

Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones S7 E6, ‘Beyond the Wall’- Jorah is Bae – w/ Olivia Olson

Jono, Vine, and Logan are joined by the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen, Olivia Olson to discuss the penultimate episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones, ‘Beyond the Wall.’ Topics covered range from gushing over the dragons and their epic carnage, to our frustrations over travel time and poor planning/writing. We dish on theories including Bran being every Brandon Stark in history, what’s going to happen at the big meeting in the finale, what Cersei has up her sleeve, and how Weiss and Benioff have gone soft in killing off main characters.

Check out Olivia’s Vlog channel at: www.YouTube.com/OliviaOlson

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Bananas Stirs the Pot + Tony Shoots his Shot

Logan and Maria dish on the MTV Challenge All Star rumors, including the cast and a potential crazy incident that takes place with Camila followed by our thoughts on her MTV journey. The pod then jumps to recaping episodes 4 and 5, where Johnny stirs the pot against the Cory/Nelson alliance, and the dirty moves pulled by Jemmye and Nelson regarding who they threw in the elimination. The pod concludes with the redemption challenge and the ridiculousness of it encapsulating its own entire episode.

Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones S7 E5, ‘Eastwatch’ – Suicidal Squad w/ Paris Lay

Logan, Jono, and Viney are joined by Paris Lay to discuss Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5, Eastwatch. Topics include Dickon Tarly’s brief character arc, Tyrion’s potential for betrayal, the budding romance between Jon and Dany, Cersei employing Tywin-esque tactics, the idiocy of Tyrion’s plan, the increasingly rapid pacing of the show, Gendry’s epic return and nod to his father, Gilly’s insanely important throwaway discovery, and the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel taking place north of the wall.

Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones S7 E4, ‘The Spoils of War’ – Syrio Forel Swagger

Logan and Jono discuss the epic fourth episode of season seven of Game of Thrones, The Spoils of War, including the continued HBO episode leaks, the Stark children messing up Littlefingers plan, do a deep dive into the significance of the dagger Baelish gives Bran, Jon’s cave dates and the potential romance between Snow and Khaleesi, Arya showing her family her journey through fighting, and the episode concludes with a fanboy fest about the battle at the supply train.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Tony Raines Interview

Logan and Maria are lucky enough to have Real World: Skeletons and Challenge Dirty XXX cast member on the show this week to discuss his journey from Louisiana to the Real World and eventually the Challenge. Topics include the changing of the Real World format of late, who he thought the breakout star would be from Skeletons, what the media tour promoting Dirty XXX in NY was like, and what happened with his injury on Bloodlines. Tony had to take off earlier than expected but the show must go on as Logan and Maria recap episode 3 with the first Presidio elimination of the season and MTV bringing back one of the best games ever, Hall Brawl.

Cast without Banners: Game of Thrones S7 E3, ‘The Queen’s Justice’ / The Vine Remembers

Jono, Logan, and Viney discuss the HBO cyber attack before jumping into their recap of episode 3 of season 7, The Queen’s Justice. Topics of discussion include the epic political conversation between Jon and Dany, the new locations showed, Euron’s parading around King’s Landing, the last we ever see of the Dornish, Cersei’s transformation into Tywin/The Mad King, Bran becoming HAL 9000, and Lady Olenna’s final proclamation.

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