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Rotten Banana Podcast/You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast Reunion Special!

Logan and Ali were joined by Drew, Gigi, and Cait of ‘You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast’ fame to discuss The Challenge War of the Worlds reunion including how Lolo Jones did as cohost, why the producers were pushing the Cara Maria needle phobia on the audience, how Kam and Da’Vonne squashed the beef in the most mature way, Zach tucking his tail between his legs on every reunion, and Wes no apologizing enough for slandering Da’Vonne on Twitter and make sure you tune into part 2 on the ‘You F*cked with the Wrong Podcast’ feed at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-f-cked-with-the-wrong-podcast/id1451379803

Rotten Banana Podcast: Magnum Opus of Hate (Reunion pt 1)

Logan and Maria are back discussing the wild Final Reckoning reunion and all the drama that ensued. Maria drops her thoughts on the final and why she was devastated Ashley won, before jumping into who was best dressed at the reunion, Da’Vonne calling out Ashley about group DMs, and Logan brings the fire towards Johnny Bananas and all his past hateful behavior, Cory doubling down on his body slamming, Nelson not understanding what an exclusive relationship is, and Amanda does half of Dolph Zigglers job.

Rotten Banana Podcast: MTV Challenge – Fidget spinners are still cool, right?

Logan is finally joined once again by Maria to discuss her thoughts on the finale, Logan rants on MTV wanting The Challenge to be America’s 5th major sport, they divulge on the disaster that was the 2 part reunion, what Camila needs to do from here, and break down the first episode of Champs vs Stars.

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