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Points from the Key will now be live streaming our podcasts on Twitter via the Periscope app.

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Points from the Key Podcast #6: Curry vs. Retirees + NBA News

On this weeks episode of the Points from the Key Podcast we discuss how Curry has begun to transcend his human form and is now reaching levels of basketball nirvana never previously recorded, the questionable decisions made by Billy Donovan in the Warriors-Thunder matchup, the philosophy of trying to contain Curry’s game, the Big O and Phil Jackson comments and how they motivate the MVP, and we do a deep dive on the Amare-Carmelo beef (and whether or not this bodes poorly for his relationship with Porzingis). Also on this pod: the impact of the buyout candidates and looking ahead to the 2016 NBA Draft.


Dodging LA Micro-Pod #43: Warriors Win, Klay goes down, MNF, & The Blaine Train

Dave and Logan quickly break down the Warriors 23rd win of the season over the Pacers where Klay Thompson went down in a totally preventable injury, the DeSean Jackson disaster on Monday Night Football, the Darius Morris late night Twitter ran, and the Blaine Train refusing to quit.

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